Allspark Ruumba

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Survive the waves of bots filling up your screen, push them off and prevent them from sapping your spark's energy. Every 10 seconds your platform will take 1 damage for each bot around it (including the ones still falling or on the lava). You will be awarded points for all enemies you dispose of, because who doesn't like points or rewards?



Use the arrow keys to move and push your enemies around.

Beware of the lava, the void and bugs!

Ludum Dare 31 - "Entire Game on One Screen"

#LD48 entry by: Nardom

This game was made in 48 hours for LD48 (and it could also be buggy/slow). Libraries used; THREE.js (JavaScript 3D library) and Physijs (Physics plugin for THREE.js). The source code of this project is available here or just inspect the page in your browser. Beware of the mess!

Game Over!

Allspark-san and / or Ruumba have died!

*Clever remark on how silly you were there...*
Game over! Thanks for playing!


Allspark-san and Ruumba have survived!

*Clever remark on how great you were there...*
Congratulations! Thanks for playing!