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LD 33 - You are the monster

The idea was to use pokemon to fit the theme, or pokemonlike monsters. These monsters are abused by their owners. Put inside a ball, and then usually thrown at enemies.

YOU are the pokeMONSTER and it is your turn to collect trainers! Gotta catch 'em all!.. Well, not really, some will try to stop you. Continue your great escape and see how far you can get.

* All the 'trainers' and the player consist of placeholder 'art', or more accurately: blocks

#LDJAM entry by: Nardom


Collect up to 3 red or blue trainers to gain a horizontal boost (+50 m/s) [left mouse button]

Collect up to 1 gold trainer to gain a diagonal boost (200% m/s, +100 vertical velocity) [right mouse button]

There's a list of upcomming trainers in the lower right of the screen to keep track of your favorites


I always wanted to make (or try to make) a Katawa Crash like game. The idea was quite simple, yet I feel I didn't even get close to the 'original' (Which in fact is Nanaca Crash!!, but not the one I was aiming for).

The good

I'm pleased with the magic of rotating cylinders, the responsive renderer setup, the practice with the different libraries (excluding jQuery) and knowledge gained during the jam. Because it was a Jam entry I was also able to make use of other resources. Playing with repeating music in JS was interesting.

The bad

The game is not even close to Katawa Crash or Nanaca Crash!!, it lacks a lot of the features that make this type of game remotely interesting. Unfortunately I had to deal with my massive headaches over the weekend. I didn't want to throw in the towel, so I submit my entry for the Jam instead of the 48h competition. I'm not expecting great reviews, but I just wanted to submit... Somethingmon.

The tools & Resources

The source

Sourcecode & resources available for download (1.8mb).

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