Who that?

A child of the virtual worlds, growing up with personal computers and the wonderful world of multi media.

Studied art & technology.

Have worked on various projects for and with various companies and people.

Roles over the years have been:(but are not limited to)

webdesigner, webdeveloper, front-end developer, UX/UI designer, print, 2d/3d graphics & illustrations, animation, video production & special effects, virtual reality, game design & development, teaching, artist digital & on canvas, and connoisseur of other random parts of internet culture.

My linkedin for more information.


Currently revisiting personal experiments in areas of art, design, development, editing, audio, video, games, VR. Mostly with a focus on visuals, and the digital world.

Also trying to break free from Adobe and have been experimenting more with other (free / open source) alternatives such as Blender and Krita, also for professional use.

Recent Work

Up until recently employed at:(2022)

BaseNet Logo

Unlocked DLC

Use the slotmachine game to earn money and unlock all DLC in the

Ludum Dare / Game design & development

Some Ludum Dare game compo/jam entries from over the years. Here's some my older scavenged entries that still work.

(Disclaimer: these 'games' & prototypes can be a bit buggy and slow and have often been rushed out during 48h compo events)


Non digital art, or at least the end result not being digital.

Artwork image

Digital worlds

Gloss material / Acrylic paint, Paint marker
Artwork image


Canvas / Paint marker
Artwork image


Paper / Paint marker
Artwork image

Max unplugged

T-Shirt / Print
Artwork image

Galaxy door

Wood / Spraypaint
Artwork image


Textiles / Design / LED

Tutorials & Teaching

Creating tutorials, courses and teaching students 'how 2 Photoshop' at the HKU (Art School) and at Picnic Young (Event / Seminars).

Artwork image

Picnic Young

Students ages 12-18
Artwork image

Photoshop HKU

Teaching full classes at the HKU.

RoR2 Doki Doki Soda Captain

#meme #random

Video edit - Risk of Rain 2 gameplay remix. Experimenting with blender for video editing. Captured with OBS.

Guild Wars 2 ded game memorial video 2022

#meme #random #shitpost

Video edit - Guild Wars 2 gameplay remix. Experimenting with blender for video editing. Captured with OBS.


There is currently little to no contact information to be found here indeed. Thank you! But our princess is in another castle!

This is the way... To avoid recruiters and bots mostly. But don't worry. If I'm interested in you, I'll call you, or I'll send you a loveletter or something.

If we have worked together in the past however, don't be a stranger, you know how to contact me.

U wot m8?

If you were looking for some more formal information here's a link to my linkedin again for a meme-free version of this website.

Otherwise...maybe go for a gamble, who knows what you'll be able to unlock here? Don't worry, it's on the house!

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